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Fundación Goiena was created by, Amaya Salazar, a Dominican artist who has an established career of more than 25 years. As an artist and collector she understands the need to educate the people of the Dominican Republic, to make art more accessible to all types of public.

Goiena Fundation MISSION

To promote fine arts in the Dominican Republic through the creation of interesting exhibitions, showcasing Amayas collection, inviting guest lecturers and organizing tours to other artistic institutions.

Important Events:

The Object Of Desire - Coleccionando Arte LatinoamericanoPresentación de Obras

Conferences by:

  • Fernando Casanova y Llaca
  • Dr. Carol Damian
  • Bingene Armenteros
  • Marianne de Tolentino
  • Mariavelia Savino
  • Dr. Gregorio Luke

among others.

The collection:

The collection features works since the start of the artist career to her most current works. It also has works by renown and emerging local artists such as:

  • Antonio Prats-Ventós
  • Yoryi Morel
  • Gilberto Hernandez Ortega
  • Plutarco Andujar
  • Guillo Perez
  • José Garcia Cordero
  • Eleomar Puente
  • Mirna Ledesma
  • José Pelletier
  • Indhira Hernandez
  • Bryant Hutchinson
  • Juan Trinidad
  • Daniel Infante

International artist

  • Rafael Barrios
  • Pablo Atchugarry
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Julio Larraz
  • Cesar Menendez
  • Damien Hirst

Other employees of the ONG:

  • Bingene Armenteros, Chief Curator
  • Bingene Salazar, Events Coordinator