Berri Art Gallery

The Gallery

Arte Berri opened its doors in 2005 with a cultural agenda that would benefit the artistic community as well as visitors, art lovers, collectors, etc. The gallery is located in an exquisite newly renovated XVI century house at the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo. The main focus of Arte Berri’s exhibition space is to enrich the local cultural community by promoting both national and international talent through exhibitions, conferences, art talks, blogs, auctions and other activities that enhance the local cultural community.

Through its ONG, Fundación Goiena, important personalities of the art world have given conferences. Some of the guest speakers have been: Dr. Gregorio Luke, former director of the MoLAA, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA., Dra. Carol Damian, former director of the Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL, Mariavelia Savino, Curator, Dr. Alex Rosenberg, renown collector and appraiser, Rosa Tejada, art advisor, Fernando Casanova, collector and art critic, Marianne de Tolentino, art critic, among others.

In the years to come, Arte Berri, will continue it’s commitment to the artist community.